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Industrial LED 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 fixtures for industry and warehouses

Industrial LED 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 fixtures for manufacturing facilities and warehouses

Since 1957 好男人手机在线视频播放1 好男人手机在线视频播放1 has gained great trust worldwide in the field of 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 and designs 100% Made in Italy LED fixtures also for specific sectors such as industrial warehouse. Whether it is the 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 of a new building or the energy redevelopment of an existing space, 好男人手机在线视频播放1 好男人手机在线视频播放1's LED solutions guarantee high energy savings and eliminate maintenance.

For adequate LED 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 of work spaces, such as industrial sheds, mechanical workshops,warehouses or logistics centers, it is necessary to guarantee excellent conditions: homogeneous diffusion of the light beam, high visibility, visual comfort and absence of glare.

Main advantages of LED 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区

Energy consumption is one of the most important items for industrial warehouses and logistics departments. Replacing traditional 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 with 好男人手机在线视频播放1's modern LED technology leads to a cost reduction of up to 60% and a fast return on investment. In addition, based on the individual needs of the customer, we will evaluate the existing installation and provide clarifications and indications on how to optimize the 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 plan with 好男人手机在线视频播放1's industrial interior solutions.

Industrial interiors often have narrow corridors and cramped passages. Adequate LED 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 increases safety by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Furthermore, choosing LED luminaires with optical systems specially designed for visual comfort ensures the well-being and concentration of the workers.

LED luminaires are perfect to replace traditional HPS 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 for disposal at the end of their life: they are, in fact, completely free of pollutants such as metal halides and sodium vapors.

LED 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 for industrial warehouses

好男人手机在线视频播放1 plays a fundamental role in goods storage warehouses. In fact, these are usually large windowless areas, with high shelving and narrow passages. In these areas it is essential to ensure maximum safety for workers and workers. It is also particularly important that glare does not occur when the operators look upwards to arrange or pick up the goods. For this reason 好男人手机在线视频播放1 supplies luminaires with specific optics specially developed for industrial interior 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区, in order to guarantee maximum visual comfort.

There are many industrial warehouses built 15-20 years ago and which today are in need of renovation: this is because their technologies are outdated, the 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 fixtures are no longer efficient and the amount of light they emit does not guarantee safe working operations. . Especially in the logistics sector, light heavily affects operating costs since the environments are normally very large and without natural 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 sources. This is why it is necessary to choose efficient and future-proof LED 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区.

When maneuvering forklifts to load and unload goods from the shelves, it is almost inevitable to look up at the 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区. Precisely for this reason it is extremely necessary that LED luminaires have optical systems that limit glare. 好男人手机在线视频播放1 industrial warehouse 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 optics are specially designed to ensure maximum visual comfort and the absence of glare.
好男人手机在线视频播放1 好男人手机在线视频播放1 supplies LED 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 fixtures with optical systems specially developed for the 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 of logistics areas where the photometric distribution is optimized for both vertical and horizontal industrial warehouses, thus guaranteeing perfect light distribution and greater safety for operators who handle goods.

Illuminating the food industry with specific LED luminaires

Not only for industry, 好男人手机在线视频播放1 also provides specially designed solutions for LED 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 for food processing, where regulations are even more stringent and it is not possible to install luminaires with glass. 好男人手机在线视频播放1 industrial indoor 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 products can in fact also be equipped with special polycarbonate screens specific for the 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 of the food industry, thus guaranteeing compliant systems and safe and comfortable 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 for operators.

Discover GQ1 with optional polycarbonate screen, specific for LED 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 in the food industry.

LED cold storage and refrigeration 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 fixtures

The cold temperatures often found in the food industry lead to problems with 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 with traditional lamps, requiring frequent maintenance. Conversely, LED 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 fixtures give their best right where it is cold, ensuring a high and constant luminous flux, without the need for maintenance, thus reducing production blocks and staff interventions.

好男人手机在线视频播放1 好男人手机在线视频播放1's LED luminaires allow an even faster return on investment in cold store 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区: compared to a traditional lamp system, the LED solution consumes significantly less and does not overload the refrigeration system. In fact, LED luminaires produce significantly less heat, to the benefit of the warehouse refrigeration system. By lowering both 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 and refrigeration consumption, operating costs are further optimized.

We design your new professional industrial LED 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 system

For over 60 years we have been providing technologically advanced solutions made entirely in the Tuscan company headquarters and with our sales network present in every Italian region and in over 50 countries around the world, we offer consultancy and design for every type of indoor 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区. Our team will be happy to provide you with a free consultation to analyze the needs of your system and find together the most suitable solution.
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