The European certificate compliance of the luminaires, compulsory for CE Certification, requires the certifications for the electrical safety and the electromagnetic compatibility.

Today the luminaires, due to their variety requested by the customers, need a continuous and accurate control in all their electronic components, especially on everything related to electromagnetic disturbances. 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区, in order to quickly meet the different requests, has installed in its own 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 LAB the new shielded chamber equipped with a sophisticated equipment for EMC test.

The goal is to meet 100% the different requests of customers offering properly tested and certified luminaires. 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 makes a further step towards the TOTAL QUALITY SYSTEM.

What about the TESTS?

Harmonic analysis and flicker:
Used tools: stabilized programmable power supply unit, network analyser, wattmeter, flickermeter. The luminaires must be designed in order to avoid distortions in the network and to minimize the reactive power of the installation. The more frequent use of electronic control systems and power supply units requires an adequate control of the harmonic levels of the current and the flicker disturbance generated even at reduced power.
ESD (Electrostatic Discharge):
Used tools: ESD test stand and ESD gun.
During the installation or the normal operation on field the luminaires can be subject to electrostatic discharge due to atmospheric and/or human agents. The ESD test is conducted in order to analyse the luminaire resistance to different electrostatic discharges.
Used tools: SURGE test stand, overvoltage generator, CDN.
Atmospheric agents, inductive loads instertion and network disturbance can generally cause high overvoltage  and considerably damage the luminaires, especially LED ones.
This is why 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区, in its test laboratories, has a SURGE test stand in compliance with the European and American standards. This stand can test luminaires and components with voltage pulses up to 15kV and current pulses up to 12kA.

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Electrical fast transient / Voltage interruption and dips:
Used tools: programmable overvoltage generator, CDN, programmable transformer.
During their normal operation the luminaires can be subject to all that kind of possible disturbances due to the mains supply. The electrical fast transients, voltage interruptions and dips tests conducted by 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 can verify how sensitive the luminaires are to these disturbances in order to avoid them to be the cause of any malfunctioning and/or disruptions.
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