ECODESIGN Regulation (EU) 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区

Regulation (EU) 亚洲日本VA午夜中文字幕一区 on Ecodesign for the lighting sector
ECODESIGN directive
The Ecodesign criteria established by the new regulation concentrate the needs deriving from three objectives in a single requirement of "removal". First, the light sources (and power supply units) must be accessible and available to carry out market controls. In addition, the light sources (and the power supply units) must be "removable" to ensure the repairability of the lighting fixture in case of failure of these elements. Finally, they must be "replaceable" to allow any upgrade / implementation of the lighting fixture, where more efficient or otherwise better components are available in the near future.

For a high level of LED performance
Nowadays, LEDs are widely used in various applications such as furniture and / or luminous appliances, with this new regulation the European Commission aims to regulate the light sources used in various products, even if different from lighting fixtures, in order to reach the European market a high level of performance of the LEDs used.


Dowload the instructions for the removal and replacement for the LS and SCG.

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